Making sure you are advertising your value isn’t always easy. Understanding what each potential employer will want to read in the first paragraph vs what you want to share can be very different. We launched this service to provide support for candidates and enable clients to gain a clear picture quickly on the CV’s we share.

The recruitment process is all about matching the right candidate to the right client and the time for this to happen can vary greatly. In addition to this, in a world where we are time short and there are usually many people applying for one job, we want to make sure our clients get a clear overview of the candidate in the first minute of reviewing the CV.

Our CV writing and LinkedIn Profile writing services help candidates to:

  • Enable you to apply for jobs with confidence
  • Improve your chances of standing out from the crowd
  • Eliminate spelling mistakes
  • Enhance the presentation
  • Highlight your unique selling points and achievements
  • Appeal to both human recruiters and applicant tracking systems

Through improving content and format, this service can add value for any candidate struggling with this part of the process. Whilst there is a cost to candidates to provide this service, we don’t want to benefit from this support function.

All payments are donated to our charity of choice, Shine Trust. An educational charity that helps disadvantaged children and teenagers by providing them with extra English & maths support and creative learning opportunities after school, on Saturdays and in the school holidays.