The development team is an important part of IT in helping any business become more efficient, building a better IT service and ultimately a better business. The pace of change is fast and is set to continue.

Businesses need more than just developer skills, they need individuals who are keen to learn, want to continually enhance their knowledge and introduce new ways to gain efficiencies through IT. When assessing technical skills we also look at their willingness to learn to make sure we find a developer who can deliver and grow based on the parameters set by the client. It’s not just about programming, it’s also about debugging and the ability to manage and fix the problem, put things into a business perspective and know to plan before coding – which also helps when developing clean code.

Whatever the level of experience, we find that great developers are great learners who readily self-teach new technologies without getting overwhelmed. Whilst any business is after a developer who has worked on similar technologies to the one being used in-house, most developers have worked with a number of technologies long enough to demonstrate expertise and knowledge of them and can readily pick up new technologies. Plus, if your team has followed coding standards, the code should be easily picked up by any new member of the team.