We take recommendations very seriously. If you feel confident enough to recommend a colleague or friend to us for a role or refer us to a role you think we would be able to fill with the right kind of candidate, then we want to be able to say thanks. So, we have set up a referral programme to say thank you for every time you recommend a friend or colleague who you think would be good for a role we are placing OR a role you think we will be able to successfully fill. Permanent roles: A successful introduction will be recognised with a fee of £1,000 for any roles that are paid £35,000 per year or more and anything below this is recognised with £500 for each successful introduction. The candidate does need to remain with the company for a minimum of 3 months. Contractor roles: Any contractor role successfully filled must be for a minimum of 3 months to meet the terms and conditions of this scheme. If the day rate is for £250 or more, then each introduction fee is £750. If the day rate is £249 or less, then each introduction fee is £500 Please don’t forget to see our complete terms and conditions for the referral scheme.  

Referral Scheme