With cyber attacks on the rise, any business needs to make sure the right IT security is in place, up to date and continually monitored and managed.

Recent reports such as HPE Security Research – Cyber Risk Report 2016 have suggested that whilst businesses are enjoying exceptional benefits through digital innovation such as agility, competitiveness and reach, it also creates disruption and the need for new infrastructure, platforms and applications. This innovation also opens the door to security threats and businesses need to understand their digital risk, protect the organisation whilst running the business.

With attackers continually shifting their efforts and taking on new focuses, more and more businesses are recruiting specific security roles to mitigate against the risk of a breach. It is vital that the investment is in the right people with the right skills and experience as this will be a far cheaper process compared to recovering from an attack.

The infosec sector has significantly grown in response to rising threats. It is a function/department/skillset in its own right meaning it needs dedicated recruiters with a true understanding of this market to marry clients and candidates efficiently.