They are a company that provide me with a valued service and take the pain away from dealing with numerous agencies as they have placed a number of quality candidates. The staff that have been recruited via Remit have remained loyal to Affinity Sutton and this is very important in terms of investing in training and developing staff.

Nick, Head of IT at G15 Social Housing Organisation

Remit Resources are able to present a short-list of high calibre candidates from whom I have been able to appoint an exceptional candidate on 4 out of 5 occasions (Which I consider to be excellent performance). The workload upon myself for this outcome has been minimal and so I now use Remit as my first point of contact.

Mike, IT Consultant in Social Housing

Remit has consistently delivered to our requirements a high quality service at a very reasonable cost; finding and proposing a personally vetted shortlist of suitable candidates. On one occasion, we had not selected a candidate based on their CV; Richard disagreed, explained why, having understood the candidate’s capabilities better than their CV had shown. So we agreed to interview the candidate, they turned out to be the best so we recruited them!

Phil, Head of IT in Social Housing

Remit is a consummate recruitment option and is always focused on getting the best match for both company and candidate. I’ve had the privilege of being on both sides of this equation and would thoroughly recommend Remit, and will continue to use them myself!

Will, Head of IT in Government

Remit Resources operates in a league of its own with straight-cut professional recruiters that produces results (on time). Thank you for the phenomenal results you’ve produced for us over the last 8 years.

Nick, Managing Director in ICT Services